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What makes us different

joga w Jeleniej Górze


There is a limit of 10 participants in the classes.limit of 10 participants in the classes. Thanks to this, each participant can practice safely. The teacher is able to implement the necessary props and propose simplified options. 

joga w Jeleniej Górze


Our goal is to help you recover after injuries and maintain good health.  We are not interested in acrobatics, but rather simple poses that bring vast benefits.

grupa jogi terapeutycznej


We have been running this school since 2016. We are not only certified yoga teachers but also graduates of Classical Yoga at the University of Wroclaw. Yoga is much more than a trend for us, it is a way of life.



Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays:

Hatha yoga 18.00-19.15

 selected Fridays:

Introduction to pratyahara and dharana 19.15-20.00


twice a week (8 passes in a month)


single pass


once a month (4 passes in a month)


single pass- Introduction to meditation


individual class


Mrs. Dorota and Mr. Tomasz conduct yoga classes in our osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic. The cooperation is developing and we are extremely happy that we are able to offer high-standard yoga at our place with passionate professionals, extremely dedicated to their specialization. The classes are attractive, varied and tailored to the needs of clients, including those undergoing rehabilitation and with health problems. Yoga for a healthy spine is a bull's eye! We recommend Tapas Yoga School to anyone interested!
Marcin Uram- physiotherapist
What does yoga give us and why? It has been proven that regular yoga practice improves quality of life, extends it and reduces the risk of heart disease. Physical activity can significantly replace a drug, and no drug can replace physical activity. Yoga is not only a safe activity, but also has a positive effect on the psyche and hormonal balance. It reduces the activity of the stress (sympathetic) system and increases the relaxation (parasympathetic) system. The beneficial effects of yoga for the circulatory system include: improving the adaptation of the heart muscle to exercise, improving endurance (including deep muscles), stimulating peripheral circulation by activating the muscle pump, which facilitates the removal of edema and increases blood flow to the heart, reduces the risk of thromboembolism, improving the efficiency of the respiratory system, has a positive effect on the lipid profile (reduces cholesterol and sugar levels), reduces the risk of depression.
dr Tomasz Drozdowski- cardiologist
Medical yoga is the perfect plan for yourself in this crazy world. Pleasant and useful. I definitely recommend it! With leaders like this, it can't go wrong.
dr Michał Zieziula-otorhinolaryngologist

Everyone can practice yoga, regardless of ther age, health or fitness. You only need to choose the right positions and sequences adapted to the possibilities and do it under the guidance of the trainer and possible medical consultation. If someone says they are too senile to exercise, it’s like saying they are too dirty to wash.

-dr Tomasz Drozdowski, cardiologist

joga dla kręgosłupa w Jeleniej Górze
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